Daniel Wakefield Pasley

Founder, Editor

Once, after I graduated Fairfax High in Los Angeles, I made a backside noseblunt on the CBS banks. Skateboarding was everything but then I started riding bikes and shaving my legs. Later I moved to Portland, Oregon where I did more bike riding as well as various other outdoor pursuits. I've made pies, gripped, valeted, messengered, marketed and sold. I have two kids (identical twin boys), a girlfriend, and a new truck. I'm really into fake anthropology as a career and self-sufficiency as like, a thing.


Emiliano Granado

Founder, Editor

Argentina then Houston then Miami then Massachussetts now Brooklyn. He was recently in a conversation with a friend about getting to a certain place. His friend said, "It's a trek, but definitely worth it." He responded, "Trekking is what I do."


Benji Wagner


Benji is the founder of a business company called Poler Stuff. He has 3 beautiful childrens. Here is a quote he likes, from Calvin Coolidge:

"Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated failures. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."

Kevin Edward Brown


It is my firm belief that the Sierra Nevada is the best place on Earth, that Baseball is the world's greatest game and that the Taco is the world's greatest food. Shortly before leaving suburban California for school in Oregon, I picked up a camera. For the last six and a half years I've been trying to figure out why I mostly take pictures of boring buildings and bushes, and what that means. I like bourbon and house music. Someday I want to teach like my father does.


Lars Rasmussen



Kyle Von Hoetzendorff


If life is a paper bag then I'm a sack lunch. Life may be full of uphill challenges, but I'm here for the descents.



John Watson

CURRENT RESUMÈ: Internet Cataloger of Stuff and Opinions

QUALIFICATIONS: My spirit animal in the northern hemisphere is the Grackle, commander of hordes. In the southern hemisphere is the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo, majestic glider found in the Yarra Ranges of Southern Australia. Wilderness opens your eyes, while consuming you whole. It's isolation, escapism and the crystal ball where you learn of your future. For me, I can be alone even in a group. It's where my head gets reset.


Hahn Rossman


QUALIFICATIONS: Philosopher and Moral Compass of the Yonder Journal project.


Zachary Collier

Current Resumè: River Outfitter and Guide

Qualifications: "I love rivers. I'm all about looking at them, learning about them, and floating down them. I like the fish to be healthy so I'm not really into fishing. I love Wilderness the way Edward Abbey did. Nothing beats exploring a wild river deep in the wilderness."

Moi Medina

Current Resumè: Educator

Qualifications: History vulture. Cultural Mercenary. Into a long punk. Communiqué 27 June 2013: "Tonight I'm DJing at the Standard Hotel in Miami. It's a different kind of Yonder."


Ty Hathaway

CURRENT RESUMÈ: Bike shop owner/operator

QUALIFICATIONS: "Make things tough, keep things fun and enjoy it regardless of everyone else. I want to see what I can do."


Doom/Steve Fassbinder

CURRENT RESUMÈ: Craftsman of all sorts - wood, metal, thread and hand-based pursuits. Currently at Alpacka Rafts.

QUALIFICATIONS: " (1) Is it human-powered? (2)Does the route have creative elements? (3) Does the route look inspiring/inspired, even on a map? (4) Has it been attempted, has anyone even thought about trying it? (5) Does it require a packraft? (6) Will it be hard as shit? Check five of these six and I'm in."

KC Badger

CURRENT RESUMÈ: Professional BMX rider. Restaurant Management. BFA from Arizona State University.

QUALIFICATIONS: I've been riding BMX bikes professionally and travelling basically my whole life, but currently my addiction to Fly Fishing supersedes all. I like being outside, I like exploring Anything & Everything.


Shaun Deller

CURRENT RESUMÈ: Arist & Hat Maker.

QUALIFICATIONS: Cultivating an understanding of Place through the study of history, ecology and survival know-how of the early Oregon Country. Crafting a rich story out of the wisdom and woods lore of the many cultures who have inhabited this land, and sharing it with others to perhaps restore a sense of enchantment to this place we call home.

Thaddeus Ferrell/Vlad/Nobody

CURRENT RESUMÈ: Working on it.

QUALIFICATIONS: "Steve Doom has a Pixies tape stuck in the cassette player in his Subaru. Every time we're parked and packed-up and ready to head out for yet another big beautiful thing the last thing we do is listen to Dig For Fire, it goes - "Are you looking for the mother lode? Huh? No. No my child this is not my desire. And then he said. I'm digging for fire." I'm digging for fire.

Christophe Raffy

CURRENT RESUMÈ: Euro-Asia Imports

QUALIFICATIONS: Special skills may include sitting on a bicycle for a long time. That's actually not very special. I am interested in pocket knives, old sailboats, taxidermy and nuclear submarines. I just want to do rad stuff everyday until I am not physically able to do rad stuff everyday.


Cole Maness

CURRENT RESUMÈ: Arm candy for the stars and Personal Purse Holder (P.P.H.) to Erika Christensen

QUALIFICATIONS: I will hit first chair and last chair even if the snow is shit. Doing challenging things that make for great stories appeals to me more than a relaxing weekend at the beach. Weather. Endurance. Human personalities. Poison Ivy. Meth Dogs that can outrun you on a bike. That's fun. This L.A. contingent - the reason we all get along so well is because of our shared desire to be uncomfortable in questionable weather and with questionable company.